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  1. Platform is straight. The track seems to curve ever so slightly north of the platform it seems.
  2. Thanks Derek! I hope they didn't cheap out with the Corso Italia plaza. It's what made it look more urban and complete. I can see that curve at Walkley now. Very subtle. For South Keys, I understood later on. I thought everyone was refer to the crossover between Trillium and the Transitway, which was always there.
  3. The photo gallery for O-Train Fans seems to now only be accessible through the forum. Is that right? If that's the case, could be returned to O-Train Fans?
  4. I'll make some general comments on the newly released station layouts on GeoOttawa. Bayview: I'm even more confused with the east platform. Based on the end of the tracks, it looks like a ditch or a slope, so how will people get around? I realize that platform will seldom be used, but I hope they have a plan for a proper connection to the Confederation Line platform and its own set of fare gates in the future. Corso Italia: pretty much what I expected, so no comments. I wish the platform was under Gladstone with entrances on both sides. Dow's Lake: the platform will remain re
  5. Found this page on the Carleton University website. Official Ottawa transit maps dating all the way back to 1929. https://library.carleton.ca/find/gis/geospatial-data/oc-transpo-transit-routes
  6. https://ottawasun.com/news/local-news/lrt-roadwork-projects-to-disrupt-traffic-starting-thursday/wcm/b4bb2744-f248-4d02-aabd-e3ba68f314c2?utm_term=Autofeed&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1610672744
  7. Although this is a great initiative, it pales in comparison to Vancouver's bike parkades with capacity for 45 bikes and services such as repair stands and air pumps. TransLink has 11 of these and seem to be expanding the program. They also have bike lockers (individual lockers) at around 30 stations. https://www.translink.ca/rider-guide/bike-parking I'm hoping the program expands in Ottawa to include more urban stations where biking is more common. The stretch from Tunney's to Lincoln Fields would get very high usage I'm sure. And if we're charging for the secu
  8. Keep your bike safe with the Bikesecure parking program On January 1, register to keep your bike safe with OC Transpo's new Bikesecure parking program! This program provides customers with a reserved parking spot in a shelter that protects their bikes against theft, vandalism and bad weather. These shelters are secured with glass walls, a door, and 24-hour video surveillance. Customers can unlock the shelter to access their bikes 24/7 using the key fob they receive after registering. Don't worry! Free bike parking is still available at most O-Train Line 1 stations, and at over 3
  9. We visited the site of the future Queensview station today. Other than construction fencing, absence of trees and dirt, not much to report. We didn't think it was worth taking pics. At Pinecrest I think there was a pile driver between the westbound on ramp and the Queensway, but that was it.
  10. Are they removing the pink marble? I always thought that was original 60's vintage. I was always fond of it, compared to the stainless steel and mirrors all over the place.
  11. I would propose some changes to the Snapshot submission section. If it were possible to post while logged in (but keep the ability to post without an account) and provide a space for notes/comments on each image posted. Under station, add "other"/"please specify" for rail yards and segments between stations.
  12. November 2020 update on the Parkway/Byron tunnel with images. https://kitchissippiward.ca/sites/default/files/McKellar Park CA AGM presentation - November 23%2C 2020.pdf
  13. They've started demolishing the main Lincoln Fields station structure. https://www.facebook.com/LostOttawa/posts/3600664316699433
  14. Thanks for posting Phil! Not sure, but I assume they will be need to complete the new rail flyover, restore the highway with new bus lanes and demolish the old Transitway flyover before they start construction at Blair. My best guess would be Spring 2022.
  15. Line 3 is essentially the REM, so it would be better to return the number to the Metro Line basket. I could see Line 6 built as a REM or Metro Line within the next few decades depending on political will. Line 8 is currently planned as a tramway by the CAQ as part of a deal with Projet Montreal to give up transit funding to Quebec City.
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