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  1. Have to disagree with you there, David. As far as I've heard, the user behaviour that caused these hourlong outages was just people holding open the doors for a couple attempts to close. I'm not a train expert, but speaking from a general engineering perspective, this should be well-tolerated and certainly not cause such a prolonged outage, so the great majority of the blame has to go to the design and build of the trains. People hold the doors open on other subway systems too, and how often do they have hourlong delays? Definitely, user education can help but you will still get some people wh
  2. Does anyone know if Phase 1 has actually been formally turned over to the city yet? (RSA?) I haven't seen anything since last Friday.
  3. First-time caller here.The last few days I've noticed very frequent testing, but still at least 60-80% single trains. The scale-up from the first double-train test to a full test of 15 doubles (which I gather is a milestone before the 12-day test can begin) is taking a fair bit longer than I thought it would, given that there seem to be 30 trains available. Does anyone have an educated guess at what is involved in this process (e.g. electrical scale-up testing, operator training, etc?) Thanks, Evan
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