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  1. Phil


    I guess they are doing one side at a time to have a little impact as possible on traffic; the 174 is the THE main access road to Orléans. And to you Shane: I am really looking forward to seeing how the whole flyover bridge will fit into the environment. For those who have been travelling from and to Orléans for many years, it will be a big change. I am intrigued by how they are going to connect Blair station to the East extension. When I look at the end of the rails and what follows, it makes me think there might have be a curve to go under the viaduct, right where the buses go east.
  2. Phil


    This is a video taken of the East Extension from Blair to the Georges Étienne Cartier Parkway viaduct. I had the chance to see for myself yesterday and the least we can say is that the arrival of the LRT in Orléans is already changing the landscape. Not only do we start to see the pillars of the new rail bridge that will insert the LRT in the middle of the highway, but we can also see the new Eastbound lanes. https://youtu.be/5lSPDMfx8Uk
  3. Thanks for your reply, J.OT13. I guess I will have to ride the 174 up and down from Blair to Montreal Road a few times to see for myself with the camera on the dash... I'll keep on sharing the pictures.
  4. Are we going to get an other detailed account of the advancement of Stage 2? I know there was one recently, but I ask because I have registered to receive the updates, but so far, nothing. Are you receiving any kind of Stage 2 Construction Update Newsletter, as was the case with Stage 1?
  5. I have to agree that the Citadis Spirit is not well thought out for flow... the more we use it, the more we see its flaws. The problem you underline is more evident at the Front where it forms an enclave from which it is hard to get out at rush hour if the car is full. And the jury is still out on whether this is the right vehicle for our climate.
  6. I found another map of what Ottawa's Transit offering could be. Like on every proposed map, it has its strengths and weaknesses. But all of them have the immense merit of showing a vision. These illustrations of a potential future must also remind us that people are at the centre of these visions. I really like the three additional Downtown Stations. Found this one on reddit posted by u/Sagaris88 two years ago. Click to enlarge.
  7. Well, you see, I thought it was a good idea for the same reason. In the past, buses have hit people that were just waiting in a shelter, I have seen it happen, and we all sadly remember the tragic events at Westboro. Being in tracks should prevent that from happening. But Adelaide has a warm climate. Maybe here we could heat the tracks where the tires roll?
  8. Maybe it should be converted to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLbhhdoCdl0
  9. I would like to ask if any of you receive the Construction Updates for Stage 2. I registered with 2 different addresses and I receive nothing. If I understand correctly, there are new renderings of the stations coming out. I'd like to see them as well. A little disappointed after being treated to weekly updates when Line 1 was being built.
  10. Would it be like the Transitway with separate right of way? And how about Streetcars on Innes?
  11. Phil


    Here is a video about Montreal Station. It is a drive through the four approaches to the site of the future station in this order: West, East, North and South. I find it rather amazing to have a construction site of this size, right in the middle of a Highway and on top of an overpass. When I say "drive through the station" I mean it literally. On the 174, and until the diversion of the traffic reaches the Montreal Road overpass, we are driving on the space where the actual station will be. And under the 174, whether going North or South, driving will be done between the two entrances/exi
  12. We were supposed to have that number from day 1. But then, we were told we would be just fine with 13... then we couldn't even have 13. Please Shane, tell me, is it because trains from from Stage 2 are operating that we reached a number of 15 on the tracks? And, are there Stage 1 cars that have not been able to be put in service for entire weeks at a time? In other words, are there trains that are stuck in the garage?
  13. I must say I like the idea of Convent Glen rather than Boulevard d'Orléans. The next Stop is Place d'Orléans, which could also be named Champlain. I have no problem whatsoever with the other names changes. It shows that OC Transpo wants to get it right. Most of all at this point, I like the map. The way it is drawn is to me perfect. If I had seen it let's say a few months ago, I would have understood that the Airport Link is in fact separated from the main Line in the South. It also clearly shows the split at Lincoln Fields. Great map
  14. I don't know if you remember, but there was a time when the rush hour service was to be covered exactly that way: 15+2. But someone from the City, said that "it was alright" and that 13 trains could do the job. Yeah, right. That came right after we were told the system had performed 9 consecutive days of testing, 3 short of the twelve days that had been drilled into our heads as the golden standard to give the final OK. Moreover, the way it was explained was that if there was a glitch, the whole 12 days would be back to square one. I hope these trains will be reliable one day, but I don't hold
  15. Here's an idea of the work being done along the 174 after Blair Station. You can clearly see the work being done on both side the highway.
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