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  1. There is such a system in Nancy (France). It's a mix between a rubber Tram and a Rail guided Trolleybus. I Invite you to check it out. There was a similar system in Caen (France again) but was discontinued in 2017 to be replaced by a regular tram/streetcar system. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caen_Guided_Light_Transit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nancy_Guided_Light_Transit Caen: Nancy: There's also another exemple of rubber tired Trams developped by Translohr a sub company of Alstom (French technology AGAIN) *you really wonder after a while why the french lo
  2. Excellent job. Watching the Interview a question popped into my head, when do they plan to install advertisement and posters inside the station ? Is that planned or do they plan on keeping the network "advert free"
  3. Jim Watson : How far is the city of Ottawa in the negotiations for Stage 3 with the Provincial and Federal governments ? Troy Charter: One of the LRT"s promises was to "get bus and cars of the road", did we notice any significant or marginal decrease in road traffic after de LRT opening. Micheal Morgan: Today the Confederation line runs, operates and has equivalent capacity and frequency to a normal metro/subway line. Why not have went for a more classic "High-Floor" design ? and does the city regret this choice especially with the current reliability problems ?
  4. These are anti-derailment rails. They are made to keep the wheels in the tracks in case one slips-off of the mains tracks. You usually find them at stations, bridges and sharp turns ?
  5. What's even weirder is that, this part of the Line was the first to be used during train testing (back in 2015) and is defacto the oldest part of the line. West sections should be theoretically more prone to have system errors ... Intriguing.
  6. You're mistaking Mooney's Bay with Moodie !!! Moodie is in the far west just before the Green Belt. It'll be served by the Confederation Line after stage 2. Mooney's bay is the station just before Carleton going northbound from South Keys.
  7. I use Scribble Map ? https://www.scribblemaps.com/ The Link to the map : https://www.scribblemaps.com/create/#/id=cz2MB7S24l&lat=45.38494835&lng=-75.64842224&z=12&t=osm_mapnik
  8. We should not mistake current ridership and area density. People don't use transit down Bank Street because it's simply too long and unreliable to make it convenient for anybody going downtown to the South End. As of today it's faster from Billing Bridge, to take the South East transitway and transfer on Line 1 to reach the CBD. However a fast and reliable transit system like a subway would make things much easier. Furthermore Bank Street has already the density (ppl/km2) required to have a Subway line running down it's path. Ridership down this corridor would explode almost certainly, i
  9. I don't think that would be a good idea since this would make the Trillium Line pretty much useless going north passed Greenboro, since the ''Central Line'' has a direct connection to downtown. Only Carleton Students would use the line. Well my friend we have the exact same idea (concerning the Montreal corridor), indeed I was also planning on making that line run down Montreal Road, but I tried to keep cost in mind (the line would be 100% underground = $$$$$). Also as I said connecting the line with the Trillium line would make the later obsolete, since our ''Central Line'' would b
  10. It seems that their's is much less delays since a week or two. New software ?
  11. On my free time I decided to try to make my own ''Stage 3'' wich means trying to make Suburban transit more efficient while trying to avoid all the problems listed in my topic introduction post. I came up with the following plan: The creation of 3 suburban commuter rail lines, and one short high density line running from Parliament to Billings Bridge. The commuter rail lines would be created by bying the existing CN lines running through the city. Signals would be upgraded and the central trunk between Bells Corners and Via Rail Station would be double tracked to allow consistent freq
  12. As some of you already know from Skyscraperpage forum, I'm a strong opposer to Stage 3. Not only it doesn't make sense for me to expand the Confederation line passed the Greenbelt but such an expansion will, for me, raise a lot of issues rather are they technical, operational or demographic. First Point : Demographic Issues Expanding the Confederation line passed the Greenbelt means expanding the network into very low density suburbs. This means very high demand on rush hours and very low demand on the rest of the day. This configuration is not what the Confederation Line is designed for
  13. It's clear by now that the city made a big mistake opting for what is essentially low-floor modified trams. I don't know what went through their heads but I suspect that: A) They wanted to save money buying lighter trains and making platforms lighter (less concrete). B) Or they were expecting the line to be essentially at grade (like a tram) in some portions of the line (suburbs maybe?). Including the door layout issue you mentioned, It also forced the city to buy the Citadis Spirit and to operate it exactly like a heavy rail line (witch is not what it's built for). Citadis Spi
  14. The grinding is perfectly normal on very tight curves. It's a common thing with rail networks using steel weels (not like Montreal for instance). If you ever take the Metro in Paris you'll hear a lot of grinding between the weels and the tracks because it's one of the most sinuous Subway systems in the world with othen very tight curves. Same goes for New York or Chicago. Train has always slowed down on the way to uOttawa nothing new here. I'm a student at uOttawa so I'm pretty sure of what I'm saying. Same thing goes for the West Portal instance where the train slows down, before acceler
  15. You're wrong in a lot of ways. A train crossing the bridge would be highly beneficial in terms of ridership. Why ? Because of the way the STO system is built. The system is built and guired to make ALL bus go through Portage and Terrasses de la Chaudière. The Problem with that logic is that anybody from Gatineau who isn't going downtown has to pass through downtown to go anywhere in Ottawa. The only STO lines that aren't going through Portage and Ottawa's Downtown/CBD are rush-hour bus that only serve Aylmer using the overcrowded Champlain Bridge. A train passing on the bidge would
  16. Thank you for the info, so I wasn't wrong after all ?. Concerning the interior, the difference is even more stricking when you compare it to all the other networks accros the country... Bad point on OC Transpo here for choosing style standardisation. Concidering how important the project is they could've done better, much better. Calgary's very spacy C-Train ''Mask'': Vancouver Skytrain ''Mark 3'' is probably the closest to Ottawa's ... But the trains are Blue, Grey and Yellow so quite logic here: Edmonton LRT is also pretty bland but then again in line with the train colo
  17. Judging by Shane's video of the full ride, it looks like our trains are wider then Montreal's Azur train. Is it just a visual impression ? Does anybody have numbers to help me out? Also, one thing I noticed is that we will indeed have small digital screens like the Azurs. For now it looks like they'll only be displaying time and stations but It would be a good idea if they could add weather forcast, news, adverts or even interstation progress like they do in Montreal. Finally one thing I'm pretty disapointed about is the lighting and colour display inside the train. Not to say the lea
  18. Hey guys !!! Back with a brend new spotting, lot's of stuff in there, pretty long but hope you'll enjoy. Cheers !
  19. Saw a similar thing happen at Bayview last Wednesday, the train was on hold for 5min or more but then I noticed that they where just rotating drivers !! The train departed as soon as the new driver was in the front cabin.
  20. I believe it could be related to the heat we had during the last couple days. Heat puts stress on glass and some glass panels have "imperfections". Those "imperfections" are commonly related to the way the glass was treated, and often results in the apparition of air pockets (miniscule/microscopic but still there). When the air stuck inside the pockets expands with the heat, if the glass has too much of them, it could result in the glass shattering like in the photo. It's a phenomenon that happens quite frequently and that can't really be avoided. They'll have to replace them until they only h
  21. A lot of Cabview videos coming online this weekend. For me this network is everything that shouldn't be done when it comes to LRT operations. Slow speed even on straight lines, no signal priorities at red-lights, road sharing with no grade seperation what so ever and an awful lot of crossing barriers even on sidewalks that are absolutely horrible to watch. When I see this I'm so happy that we are gettin a Light-Metro fully grade seperated. Calling Ottawa's network an LRT is actually a big mistake ?
  22. Looks pretty slow to me ... Any information about it's operating speed ???
  23. Toronto streetcar uses Bombardier Flexity OUTLOOK wich is the Tram variant of the Flexity FREEDOM. I don't understand why people compare Citadis Spirit trains with Bombardier Flexity Freedom trains. Citadis trains are longer with bigger modules, they use 1500V DC (witch is a mainline train power supply) instead of 750V DC and they are faster. If we need to compare Citadis Spirit trains it would be with Edmonton/Calgary Siemens vehicules the only difference being that one is low floor and the others high floor. Our network is technicaly a ''Light Metro'' system since we use LRT like vehicule
  24. Good day, Just want to share with you guys another spotting session I made last week at dusk between Lees & uOttawa. For some reason all train (expect 1), were all headed eastbound.
  25. Went for a spot yesterday (April 1st) and last Thrusday (March 28th). Yesterday they were only testing double trains at a rate of one train every 7 to 10 minutes. Also speed of the Double trains seems to now match-up with that of the single trains. Enjoy the Video, I'll try to make more before the line opens ? ! P.S : I love the noise of these trains, almost subway like !
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