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  1. Hey Antoine! I have merged this with the O-Train Fans thread for further exposure. As of now, OC does not publish per station ridership. Given the fare gates at all of Line 1 / 2 stations, my guess is they have the information internally but are not willing to share it publicly. If someone wants to correct me, I think the latest dataset for Line 1 alone is from 2019 and nothing has officially been released since.
  2. Merged the two threads to keep conversation in one location. I am hopeful TC and YOW can find a rapid agreement regarding the construction of Airport station and that it, hopefully, won’t affect the timeline for the Airport Link. From what can be seen around the airport, it seems they are prepping to potentially start work as soon as funding / approval is confirmed, so I am still hopeful we will be able to ride Line 2 and 4 on the same reopening date! 😁
  3. There definitely should be a "All Stage 2 Updates" option when signing up, as well as a way to see it in a organized matter that would easier to navigate than the city defaults website. Shane's website is definitely organized better! :D
  4. Finally managed to get a shot of 1125! Same gangway redesign as 1107.
  5. I don't recall where the conversation or point was mentionned, but essentially it would need to be done by Alstom staff in the depot, so it would probably take too much time for the actual benefit provided. The process is a mostly manual operation (removing bumper, extending coupling arm and "backing" into the other) and couldn't be done on the spot while in service unless the trains were considerably modified. Like you say we'll probably not see single train operation unless a lot of things change. Though I could see a benefit to running weekend / late evening trains as singles to reduce
  6. It might seem pointless, but I am actually looking forward to seeing some single unit operation on the line during lower needs periods. Also, noticed that 1125 also got the new mid-sections! Trying to get a picture next time I eee it.
  7. I am really looking forward to it opening, and think it's appropriate to have such a building in Ottawa. I find it inspiring and inviting to reflexion and curiosity. The current central library and archives are both due for a refresh and more capacity. It will be a "jewel" for both OPL and LAC. Diamond Schmitt really can (and has) done some stunning work and I believe the OPL-LAC project is one that is fit for the city.
  8. DBellerive


    Would be a messy setup I think since they would need to reconfigure everything *again* but probably the most logical explanation... They should just get the pedestrian overpass extended and make it accessible even when the trains are not running IMO.
  9. DBellerive


    Wait I am confused: where is the second entrance?
  10. The whole station and overpass is paid by the city only, no private partners. I think the only station that gets participation from someone else than the city is the airport (EY did not help fund Upland Station), There is definitely potential for densification at Queensview, depends how willing the developers are and how the city is willing to accept proposals.
  11. Regarding the design of Presto, the “actual” current design is the “black card” version: It is a replacement for the green card that was discontinued, at least until supplies ended. You should be able to get those from any transit authority which uses Presto. Regarding the “Ready for Rail” variant, it was always pitched as a limited time variant for the pre-launch / launch period of Line 1. I haven’t seen any official communication saying it would be the only design offered in Ottawa, but it could have been implicitly depending on stock levels. I would assume all machines / kio
  12. My guess too. Nothing really to be seen around Blair, so I presume it is further down towards St-Laurent... As of 15:44, it's not switch related.
  13. Service alert for O-Train Line 1 Not sure what is meant by "proactive track maintenance" at 3PM on a friday...
  14. Yeah that's probably as much as can be accessed now. I'm not sure why the city / TNext / EWC dont maintain a shared or seperate website for the Stage 2 project, but I think it would be a lot more engaging than the standard (and mostly terrible) layout used on the city's website. Also speaking of the newsletter, I recall a lot of us had issues after signing up and never receiving emails. Something checking the old newsletter makes me realize that "for some reason" I didnt receive some communications even as a I am subscribed to all lists on the website...
  15. I might need a memory refresh here: I recall there was during Stage 1 construction a dedicated website maintained by RTG, where the weekly updates (as "useful" as they were) were provided to detail work, and had all the construction documents. Anyone recalls around when it was launched during Stage 1? Reason I am asking is that I am really disappointed by the online presence for Stage 2. Obviously Shane and everyone have been doing amazing work with the snapshots, but I wish we had a lot more from the city given what we saw during Stage 1. Even when it comes to FEDCO updates we get really
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