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  1. Massive building! Also worth noting the progress along the guideway. A few days back they posted about progressing with the track installation so we might be close to dynamic testing! Also interesting that the tracks leading to the depot are not electrified yet. Maybe some is left to install?
  2. It was indeed quite a "redefining" perspective on a metro versus the more traditional North American subway systems (Toronto and New York for example). While I wish Montreal would push forward to develop more lines, there is a pride in the system and the way it is maintained. There is always things we want to be done different (get rid of OPUS for example), but the system as a whole is a proven system which was tailor-made to the needs and realities of the city. The MPM-10 was problematic and delayed in the beginning, but it actually built on the strengths and weaknesses of the older rolling
  3. I honestly never understood why it was never named Dow's Lake instead of Carling for those exact reasons. Even the map shown in the station guides you towards teh lake! Hopefully it gains some traction as it would indeed be a worthy change. Also agree with Phil regarding the map. It is a visually useful representation of the network and puts the network in relation to the river. Of course it is not geographically perfect, but it puts stations in perspective to another, which IMO is a better way to design a subway map (think London Underground vs New York Subway).
  4. I honestly prefer the proposed name, which IMO is more meaningful than Dominion. Gives a better idea of the general vicinity, and recognizes the heritage of the area. Kìchì Sìbì is one of those stations it seems that does not get that much attention because it will not be as high volume as others, however it is going to be, IMO one important for people looking to go towards the SJAM for a stroll or bike ride, which makes the MUP connection very important. I look forward to taking my bike and go for a ride from there once it opens!
  5. I also would love to see that potentially second entrance. The layout of Rideau means you are not only back-tracking, but "going around" if you are on one side of the mall, which makes it "annoying" if, let's say, you want to do a quick stop in the mall. We see it with the elevator access next to EBX, it is always busy because it gets you right in the middle and then you can go eitherway. I understand why Rideau's entrances are placed that way, given, but I also see it as a missed opportunity to make it less crammed on the Rideau side of the concourse given its split nature...
  6. Think you meant @Antoine there 😁
  7. Quite happy with the proposed names. Still took the time to provide feedback on all stations that I had a reaction towards. Particularly happy to see Baseline renamed to Algonquin and acknowledge the possibility of the Baseline BRT. For stations with new renders, I only noticed those, though I might just have missed them. - Place D'Orleans, view from the overpass entrance. -Jeanne D'Arc, view from inside towards fare gates Worth adding that Limebank's render is the initial on-ground proposal that got replaced with the elevated guideway. Curious when we will get a more textu
  8. Gotta say I am always impressed by the progress with the elevated guideway whenever I pass. In a few months, they have managed to install quite a length of it alongside the highway. Thanks for the pictures!
  9. St-Laurent Station artwork reinstallation St-Laurent Station is home to three large, immersive murals painted by Andrew Morrow that depict re-imagined Canadian histories. Two of the murals are located on the westbound platform, while the third is a corner-split mural on the eastbound platform. The murals are large-scale digital prints that have been reproduced on a vinyl canvass with a protective plexiglass cover. A buildup of moisture has been frequently observed that requires ongoing maintenance of both the art and its protective treatments. In close collaboration with the art
  10. Nice to have some sort of update on that given how 2020 has been going so far. Quite far from the original ETA of Q1 2020 but I can totally understand. Looking forward to see what it will be like at each station!
  11. This weekend I was in Montreal and, for the first time, actually boarded an Azur a few times along the Orange Line, and a MR-73 on the Blue Line. It was also my first real time on the Montreal Metro beyond the yellow line a few years ago. First of all, the forced ventilation explained by Matt works really well! It was about 30 degrees outside and never felt uncomfortable. Even the MR-73 are not that bad given the different system. Overall, I was quite impressed with the Azur. They are definitely modern and (IMO) better equipped than the Citadis Spirit we have (I love the display with
  12. Given the station will be located in what is essentially the Mount Royal Tunnel, and therefore under the current station. This was from when it was decided to add those downtown stations if I recall. If you look next to the Green Line, it seems to be a long hallway with a slope to McGill station. Since it is not as deep as Edouard-Montpetit, it seems to be an actual option, though that was before there was consultations regarding the constructions and community impact. EDIT: Found this document for the CDPQinfra, dates from 2016 but shows another angler. It seems like the concourse
  13. I also remember hearing the 53 minute end to end run time for Confederation Line. Curious to hear what the Stage 2 office will say given some of the reconfigurations seen along the Confederation Line. Nothing major, but can affect run times.
  14. I can provide some answers though there is still a few questions regarding the new lounge. For the middle spiral, it is an actual ramp, not a staircase. Makes it a lot less step when bring luggage up. It has indeed been done for almost two years? Oldest photo I personally have is from May 2019 and it was accessible though I have used it a few times since then. The second part, regarding the lounge refresh, I don't have much of an update to give... If I recall correctly, there is a temporary business lounge, though all of VIARail lounges are closed due to COVID-19 (there is no busines
  15. I also believe freqency would have been a better investment than per-vehicle capacity. Decreasing to a 8 minutes timetable between train along a double alignment would have provided still more capacity overall and room for expansion. It just seems like a compromise so they don't have to include a widened bridge and tunnel around Carleton station. Line 2 is, and for a while, will remain more of a commuter train than a real "light rail" system to me for as long as they don't increase frequency. I am still happy service to the airport is being added as part of Stage 2, and not being built as
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