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  1. With modern automatic train control, trains stopping between stations should be kept to a minimum. If a train hasn't cleared the station, the following train can adjust speed to give it extra time, right down to a crawl if need be. Headways is the more important number to keep aware of. The system will be doing what it can to make sure trains arrive at each station at the correct headways.
  2. I'm a big fan of the 'overheards' - always good nuggets of info discovered that way! haha Unfortunately there isn't a lot of printed documentation available yet. I had a conference call with the team from the rail office where I got to go over a few of the technical details with them. During the contract bidding phase they haven't been updating the public facing information as frequently as they're giving the bidders some flexibility in the layout and design of the line to see if any creative options the city hadn't thought of come forward. So that being said, while the isolated spur with a
  3. Very late to the conversation, but better late than never! South Keys - the GeoOttawa data isn't entirely up-to-date. The plan is for a three platform station with the spur now operating completely independently of the main line so that operational issues on one won't cross over to the other. GeoOttawa hasn't been updated because the exact details on how to design that are being left up to contract bidders - but the ability to run through trains to the airport at some point is apparently a requirement. Hopefully with the new council now getting rolling we will see some major movement
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