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  1. Cool. I'm pretty much finished validating this on/off technology is patentable. My provisional is already in place so I have IP protection. With nobody having any input from this website and others like it, I'm good to go! Best.
  2. Thank you for the feedback. I am aware of those systems. They operate on tires and the rail is for guidance. The system I'm talking about drives on tires when it wants to, say to go in area where tracks are a disturbance like a town square or in major intersections, then drives on rails, with no tire contact, when it's on the mainline between stops. That way the efficiency and durability of an LRT is freed of the drawbacks of not being able to pass another LRT or the cost of switches, or the interference of rails in downtown cores with tight turns and major pedestrian crossing traffic. If
  3. I'd like to know if anybody is aware of a tram/LRT system that can operate on and off the rails. I developed a special wheel/tire/track that would allow for ebuses to drive with steel wheels on rails, then drive on tires on the road, at will. I want to make sure there isn't a system already operating with the feature. If there is I would like to study it in depth.
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