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  1. Ottawans Favourable to Bank Street O-Train Tunnel https://clintondesveaux.medium.com/ottawans-favourable-to-bank-street-o-train-tunnel-a85925c68977
  2. Kwesi Otoo has just posted the 2nd part of his podcast discussing the Ottawa Bank Street O-Train Tunnel. He indicates he's planning on doing multiple parts on Bank Street. It's really good, hearing voices from the core: https://www.listennotes.com/podcasts/mr7-substance/30-years-into-future-ASsnMfyzCV0/
  3. This guy is a respected voice for the urban core who has a podcast with a large and dedicated audience. He's done a number of episodes on the O-Train network. This episode he is talking about the Bank Street O-Train Tunnel: https://anchor.fm/bb2sl7/episodes/Ottawas-Nonsense-By-Design-Part-0-eo97o8
  4. Clear Majority Favour Bank Street O-Train Line: https://clintondesveaux.medium.com/breaking-clear-majority-favour-ottawa-bank-street-o-train-line-fc0f130ec580
  5. This map was sent to me late last night - my jaw fell to the floor when I saw it
  6. Former Ottawa Mayor Larry O’Brien Calls for O-Train Tunnel on Bank Street https://clintondesveaux.medium.com/former-ottawa-mayor-larry-obrien-calls-for-o-train-tunnel-on-bank-street-b6641d979020
  7. "An O-Train Line Down Bank Street?" https://www.glebereport.ca/an-o-train-line-down-bank-street/
  8. Bank Street O-Train Tunnel Linked to Food & Accommodation Security, Employment, and Being Environmentally Responsible: https://clintondesveaux.medium.com/bank-street-o-train-tunnel-linked-to-food-accommodation-security-employment-and-being-b3ce42dd33ac
  9. Well I hope you have enjoyed part 1 & 2 of my Bank Street O-Train Tunnel 5 Part Series. Part 1: the idea Part 2: community political support Upcoming Parts Part 3: station locations, Ottawa Gatineau pop forecast and Ottawa South Part 4: construction/engineering & tunnel depth, vehicle emission particulate matter, safety, congestion, and noise Part 5: community businesses & groups and tourism
  10. Ottawa City Councillor Shawn Menard is part of a growing list of Ottawa community leaders who support the idea of a Bank Street O-Train Tunnel. Councillor Menard who represents Capital Ward 17 which encompasses the southern half of Bank Street boldly states “we need an alternative form of efficient transportation along Bank Street in the core. It (the Bank Street O-Train Tunnel) would improve the congestion that can occur, emissions, and local economic development.” https://clintondesveaux.medium.com/ottawa-community-leaders-support-bank-street-o-train-tunnel-f95a3116bb85
  11. The Ottawa/Gatineau Rail Loop idea, your group, and other forums I have seen this month have inspired this idea. I think you might like it: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/ottawa-bank-street-o-train-tunnel-clinton-p-desveaux/ The article has been viewed by almost 23,000 people which I'm very happy about. I enjoy writing columns and sharing other columns & news stories on LinkedIn; and I plan to follow the Ottawa/Gatineau O-Train development very carefully. Congrats on a great forum Rail Fans Canada
  12. Hello, I just joined your wonderful community this evening. I've been monitoring your page for a month. Since the discussion of the Ottawa/Gatineau Loop proposal by Bob Plamondon has made the news: https://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/ncc-chief-executive-signals-interest-in-ottawa-gatineau-rail-loop Has anyone taken the time to develop a map that includes the Confederation Line, Trillium Line, and the Ottawa/Gatineau Loop? And and what about the proposed Gatineau LRT line from this CBC link https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/gatineau-aylmer-ottawa-light-rail-1.4713843 I
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