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  1. Video by Tristan Sebastien showcasing the retired 02-03 at the garage. Looks like 0321 has joined in too.
  2. Do you know if any were in service in early 2003?
  3. Greenbank/Craig Henry is finally now LED.
  4. The remaining white 03s spotted in the last few months: 0316, 0317, 0318, 0320, 0321, 0322, 0324 & 0325.
  5. I think I should make a separate thread for this. Back in December 2019, It was announced that Aissatou Diallo the driver of the bus crash at Westboro station was to be put on trial starting in March 2021. But with the COVID-19 pandemic very likely still continuing by that time I don't think it's possible to start her trial at that time. Has there been any update if her trial has been postponed to another date?
  6. Can anyone confirm if all the 02s have retired? None have been spotted on the road since Spring of this year.
  7. I believe someone on the old CPTDB prior to 2006, confirmed that 8604 was one of the few that survived into 2003. But I can't sure though.
  8. Did any of the 4-door Ikarus' survive into 2003? I could have sworn there were only the 2-door ones left near the end of there lives.
  9. I just wanted to know where you got the source "That all Orion VIIs have retired" from because it might have not have been reliable, That's all. The CPTDB has now officially blocked all visitors from viewing the National Capital Region due to admins against coping and pasting content on this forum.
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