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  1. Anyone know why they haven't fully opened the Chapman Mills transitway yet? Are they waiting for stage 3 in +10 years to open the remaining stretch and stations?
  2. Looks like South Keys is back being a pink platform :o Just yesterday it looked like this
  3. I don't understand how this part of Line 2 is even going to work anymore. According to the new tracks, any train going South from Bayview will have to wait between Mooney and Walkley until any North-bound trains from Limebank have gone through Walkley + Greenboro + South Keys + the entire length of track up to Leitrim! This is insane...
  4. According to geoOttawa, it looks like the track layout at South Keys has changed. There is no longer a center storage track
  5. Any thoughts/comments on my most recent fantasy (still realist) transit map?
  6. so many Lincoln Fields (aka "Linconn Falds") memories... But it was about time they got rid of this piece of junk station
  7. The idea is really kicking off, seems prominent people are getting interested https://clintondesveaux.medium.com/ottawa-community-leaders-support-bank-street-o-train-tunnel-f95a3116bb85
  8. In the new affordable housing plan http://ottwatch.ca/meetings/file/579067, they raise the possibility of demolishing Bob Mcquarrie to build apartment towers (part of which would fall under the affordable housing project). There's no confirmations of funding or designs, but the land study and analysis is complete. Much the same for the Tom Brown arena near Bayview, also suggested for demolition.
  9. I think there are plans to demolish the existing park-and-ride to build affordable housing units I'm also not a fan of the color, I think it's supposed to be Gold as in "golden line", but they should stick to primary and secondary colors
  10. HAHA is it some kind of weird OCtranspo-Propaganda? 😂
  11. That's what I thought, never saw anything apart that transitway spur on the original TMP diagram
  12. Is there any documentation or studies about the Heron-Walkley Transitway out there?
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