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  1. I found this to be the most telling comment from yesterday's press conference: “The platforms are designed to hold 600 people at a time so if you miss even one four-minute train cycle, you have another 600 people arriving. That’s when you see the pictures of crowds backing up the steps,” Watson said. https://ottawasun.com/news/local-news/40-buses-returning-to-service-as-mayor-says-hes-furious-with-poor-lrt-performance If the challenge is that the volume of transfer passengers at peak times is so close to station capacity, that's going to be a conundrum. Interested to see wha
  2. As a lurker from the early days of this site, let me first say thanks to Shane and the rest of the loyal O-Train fans who are making this site and forum such a success. I'm the kind of person who purposely checks out the metro or commuter rail system in every city I visit, and have had the (mis)fortune of travelling on systems around the world. The points about customer behaviour are legitimate and consistent with my experience at Tunney's Pasture each morning this week (so far). But customer behaviour doesn't explain why our brand new shiny Confederation Line feels as busy at peak perio
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