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    • This thread is to discuss the rolling stock to be used on the future Quebec City tramway network. As of November 2020, no specific equipment has been decided upon by the City of Quebec, though they have offered a "vision" of what they expect the stock to look like. The city refers to them as A, B and C (from left to right). Two concepts for the interior as been proposed:   The characteristics desired by the city are the following: 100% Electric Propulsion Designed for a 3.3 person per square meter, with a capacity of 260 passengers. Built-in HVAC Built-in Wi-Fi (both in the trains and stations) Length of 43m with potential for extensions  
    • Version 1 of the archive - Up to the end of November 2020. Size: 701 MB Link: https://mega.nz/file/KohEFB7C#u66R2P2Vp6w95h1qz0L82MT-S00I4UXULMbLUANGTHo  
    • Hello everyone! This thread is mostly meant as a way to archive the studies produced for the 2018 version of the Réseau structurant. Note that all documents linked below are in french. Note that the first version of this archive is over 700MB and includes all documents available as of November 2020. Given its size, I will not be hosting this archive locally and will be using MEGA to increase bandwidth and availability. Feel free to download a copy for your personal archival needs. While the history of the Réseau structurant generally includes pre-2018 studies for the Rapid Bus Network and other proposals, the scope of this thread is for the 2018 and onward projects. Note that this thread only contains documents as publicly available at the end of November 2020 and some documents might be missing. If you find more, feel free to add them to this thread. This thread is mostly meant for archival purposes. Conversations should be hosted in separate threads not to clog this thread.
    • Cool.  I'm pretty much finished validating this on/off technology is patentable.  My provisional is already in place so I have IP protection.  With nobody having any input from this website and others like it, I'm good to go! Best.
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