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    • Yeah the city's estimate for Barrhaven does seem to be ludicrously high for sure, even with part of it elevated. And why is the cost of road bridges over the VIA tracks being included in LRT costs in the first place, I would think that would be a separate project.  I know that Barrhaven is a growing area of the city but there are certainly other parts of the city with much higher density that should get LRT before Barrhaven (Bank, Carling, Rideau/Montreal Rd are examples already mentioned in other sections of these forums). Building all of these LRT lines out to remote suburbs just encourages more sprawl. 
    • 7521, 5746, 5757 and 7608 were retired in 2000. If I am correct, 7552, 7562, 7802 and 7831 were also retired that year.
    • I crunched the numbers for the O-Train expansion, Stage 1 to 3. City staff have always been bad at estimating costs, but I'm wondering now if prices have gone way up or if the City is trying to overcompensate by presenting ridiculously high estimates for Barrhaven.  These are Confederation only since Trillium is a very different transit line.  Stage 1 (2012) 12.5 kilometers - 13 stations Station spacing - 1 kilometer Central feature - 2.5 kilometer tunnel with three subway stations $2.1B or $168 million per kilometer Stage 2 (2019) 27 kilometers - 16 stations Station spacing - 1.7 kilometers Central feature - 3 kilometer cut-and-cover tunnel with two open-air stations $3B or $111 million per kilometer Stage 3 Kanata (2018) 11 km - 8 stations Station spacing - 1.4 km Central feature - mostly elevated $1.85B or $168 million per kilometer Stage 3 Barrhaven (2020) 9.7 km - 7 stations Station spacing - 1.4 km Central feature - partially elevated and 3 new grade separations (VIA/Road/O-Train) $3B or $309 million per kilometer
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