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  2. Kind of curious they were shipped to NY instead of down the river, any know of any reasoning as to why?
  3. I don’t remember exactly which ones but I believe the last few were taken off the road 2002 December or January 2021, Or very shortly after. I remember in the end there was only a handful on the final days. They were not retired in large numbers or all at once but little by little. what I do remember is the final one on the road retired due to the fuel pump dying.
  4. The first REM vehicles have arrived in Montreal. https://rem.info/en/news/first-cars-arrival I invite you to check out the link, which features pictures from its arrival at the port in New Jersey, all the way to Montreal and the REM facility. Very impressive, and great initiative for them to show this level of detail.
  5. Today at Transit Commission we received an update on the wheel cracks. Already 5 trains have had their wheels replaced. There was clarification as it was previously stated that all trains would have their wheels replaced but it has now been explained that some trains are not affected as there are some differences in the screws (at the root of the problem) that amount to some trains not needing any replacement. I didn't quite understand the difference and I don't think they gave a breakdown in fleet numbers as to how many in the end are actually affected. Bottom line, they are on it a
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  7. Deb D

    Hurdman Glazing

    David, Can you tell me what type of glazing this is? The glass still appears to be reflective. I am a volunteer with Safe Wings Ottawa. Deborah D.
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  9. Do you know if any were in service in early 2003?
  10. Greenbank/Craig Henry is finally now LED.
  11. I found this website listing all station improvements along the TTC subway system: https://www.ttc.ca/About_the_TTC/Projects/Station_Improvements/index.jsp
  12. Bloor-Yonge Station set to be expanded. Line 1 platform improvements Line 2 additional platform (similar to Union a few years ago) [url]https://urbantoronto.ca/news/2020/10/ttc-board-considers-plans-expand-bloor-yonge-station[/url]
  13. 8501, 8503, 8511, 8517, 8528-8529, 8603-8605, 8607-8609, 8611, 8613-8616, 8621-8623, 8631, 8633, 8638, 8640, 8642, 8646, 8652-8654, 8719, 8721-8723, 8729-8730, 8732, 8735, 8737, 8739-8740, 8743, 8750, 8752, 8755, 8757-8761, 8763, 8846-8847, 8851, 8855-8856, 8862, 8864 and 8866-8869 were retired in 2002. As far as I know, 8530-8533 and 8870 were retired in 1998, when OC Transpo started using 25 Orion-Ikarus articulated buses previously used by Toronto Transit Commission.
  14. Thanks J.OT13, the move went well (other than the unplanned setbacks, but going much better now).
  15. With 8406 and 8418 retired in 2004, I figure all others from 1984 were retired the same year, except for 8408, 8413 and 8417. Also retired in 2004 were 8771 and 8789. If anyone knows which others from 1987 were retired before 2008, that will be useful.
  16. The remaining white 03s spotted in the last few months: 0316, 0317, 0318, 0320, 0321, 0322, 0324 & 0325.
  17. I agree, Toronto's maps are very terrible and inconsistent. Vancouver's have maps that show the entrances, but nothing like Ottawa. Can't say I've personally ever seen such maps for Metro stations, so I can't compare with Ottawa's. I remember people complaining about the design of the O-Train station schematics when they came out, but I think they are quite good considering what other Canadian cities have. Side note, I hope your move went well and the family is settled in!
  18. Phil


    I guess they are doing one side at a time to have a little impact as possible on traffic; the 174 is the THE main access road to Orléans. And to you Shane: I am really looking forward to seeing how the whole flyover bridge will fit into the environment. For those who have been travelling from and to Orléans for many years, it will be a big change. I am intrigued by how they are going to connect Blair station to the East extension. When I look at the end of the rails and what follows, it makes me think there might have be a curve to go under the viaduct, right where the buses go east.
  19. Shane


    I have been going through that area daily for the past 2-3 weeks and the eastbound seems to be more advanced in work than the westbound, but the curve and angle of the road makes the westbound harder to see. It will make for quite a large space for the station and guideway to be located... something I am eager to see. On a sidenote, the work taking place on the flyover outside of Blair to the median is really starting to advance nicely. The road shift is a bit rough at spots and I hit a pothole just before Blair as it shifted back in the left westbound lane. Happy to say the hole has
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  21. Thanks for sharing this. The detail is still relatively limited in comparison to what is available in Ottawa and Montreal, so the map will be excluded for the Toronto Subway and the Vancouver SkyTrain station pages, as they are not consistently available or of a high enough quality to be worth including.
  22. J.OT13


    We've seen some significant progress over the summer. I think they'll be able to open the new eastbound lanes over Montreal Road by November, but I have my doubts when it comes to the westbound lanes.
  23. Phil


    This is a video taken of the East Extension from Blair to the Georges Étienne Cartier Parkway viaduct. I had the chance to see for myself yesterday and the least we can say is that the arrival of the LRT in Orléans is already changing the landscape. Not only do we start to see the pillars of the new rail bridge that will insert the LRT in the middle of the highway, but we can also see the new Eastbound lanes. https://youtu.be/5lSPDMfx8Uk
  24. More Ontario Line releases: https://blog.metrolinx.com/2020/09/29/updated-ontario-line-plans-from-the-don-river-to-gerrard-maximizing-space-within-the-existing-go-rail-corridor/ https://blog.metrolinx.com/2020/10/06/updated-plans-for-the-ontario-lines-north-segment-a-better-fit-for-the-community/
  25. I found some more TTC subway station layouts, showing cross-sections of accessible entrances, part of the program to make TTC stations more accessible: https://www.ttc.ca/About_the_TTC/Projects/Station_Improvements/St_Patrick_Station/index.jsp https://www.ttc.ca/About_the_TTC/Projects/Station_Improvements/Wellesley_Station/index.jsp And links to a few more here: https://www.ttc.ca/About_the_TTC/Projects/Easier_Access/index.jsp
  26. I think I should make a separate thread for this. Back in December 2019, It was announced that Aissatou Diallo the driver of the bus crash at Westboro station was to be put on trial starting in March 2021. But with the COVID-19 pandemic very likely still continuing by that time I don't think it's possible to start her trial at that time. Has there been any update if her trial has been postponed to another date?
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