Discussing the Gatineau Tramway with Maude Marquis-Bissonnette, Mayoral Candidate - July 2021

The Gatineau Tramway, proposed for the west-end of the city, will transform public transit, most notably in the Plateau and Aylmer sectors, which currently do not have any rapid transit offered. 

In this video discussion with Maude Marquis-Bissonnette (Mayoral Candidate, Leader of Action Gatineau, and councillor for Plateau), we discuss the tramway project, the eventual rapibus conversion, the tramway insertion into Ottawa, and the 6th crossing between Gatineau-Ottawa. 


  • 00:00 - Opening 
  • 00:19 - Introduction 
  • 00:31 - Gatineau Tramway 
  • 01:52 - How will the tramway improve the transit experience 
  • 03:04 - How will the tramway improve road congestion in the Plateau and Aylmer 
  • 05:08 - Closure to cars on rue Laurier near Place du Portage and Terraces de la Chaudiere 
  • 07:33 - Interest in converting the Rapibus to rail 
  • 08:54 - Timeline of converting the Rapibus 
  • 10:33 - The possible 6th crossing between Gatineau and Ottawa 
  • 11:42 - How can citizens voice their comments and become engaged with this project 
  • 13:11 - The routing of the tramway through the Plateau 
  • 15:55 - The insertion into Ottawa, on the surface on Wellington or in a tunnel under Sparks 
  • 17:35 - The Ottawa-Gatineau Loop 
  • 19:00 - Closing 


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