Behind the Scenes

EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peek of Lincoln Fields Station: The Western Transfer Point of O-Train Lines 1/3

Get ready for an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse into the construction of the extension of O-Train Lines 1/3 in Ottawa! Scheduled to open in 2026, the western extension, stretching to Algonquin and Moodie, will introduce a new chapter in Ottawa's public transit system, all centred around one of its more critical transfer hubs: Lincoln Fields. 

In this video, Rail Fans Canada got an exclusive opportunity to explore the future of transit at Lincoln Fields. The extension of O-Train Lines 1/3 promises to redefine the city's transportation landscape, with the western extension adding 15 kilometres of rail and 11 new stations. Additionally, we are honoured to have Mary-Ellen Gleeson, the Program Manager of the Rail Construction Program at the City of Ottawa, sharing her expertise and insights. Together, we'll better understand the construction process and the exciting amenities awaiting passengers on the expanded O-Train Lines 1/3. 

One of the extension's standout features includes two new cut-and-cover tunnels and an elevated flyover located south of Lincoln Fields where trains headed to Algonquin will split from those headed to Moodie. Those major projects will allow for frequent service between branches, bringing the O-Train network closer to more people than ever.

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