Behind the Scenes

An Exclusive Look at the Construction of the Kichi Zìbì Mìkan Tunnel and Sherbourne Station

In Ottawa, work continues on extending Line 1 of the O-Train further West towards Moodie and Algonquin Stations. This massive extension will extend the O-Train network further than ever. 

Rail Fans Canada, alongside other media outlets, got an exclusive opportunity to see the progress in one of the Stage 2 West extension's most critical infrastructure projects: the Parkway Tunnel between Lincoln Fields and Kichi Zìbì Station. 

The 3 kilometres long tunnel is being built using a cut and cover method and specialized equipment to create a dedicated right of way for the O-Train along the Kichi Zìbì Mìkan and Byron Linear Park. This tunnel will also be home to two new trenched stations: Sherbourne Station and New Orchard Station. 

Join us as we walk through the tunnel, learn about its construction, challenges and the significant progress on this important part of the Western Extension, as well as check in on the progress of the future Sherbourne Station. 

Special thanks to the City of Ottawa and East West Connectors for coordinating this visit.

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